Postscript: Fuhrman and Mosley

After I had sent out an earlier draft of my nutrition paper, several friends and relatives sent back some really useful comments. One of my nieces, Shona, suggested that I should investigate Dr Joel Furhman’s work.  Another niece, Linda, referred me to Dr Michael Mosley’s videos. It is thanks to their suggestions that I can add these concluding comments.

In sum, after figuring out my own eating plan based on a lot of extensive reading, I have discovered that Fuhrman and Mosley are advocating very similar healthy eating strategies.

Fuhrman’s website is a good starting point, if you are interested in reading about his Nutritarian Diet. As far as I can judge, his recommendations all accord with the scientific evidence I have reviewed.

To access what Mosley has to say, one can either access his books (e.g., Mosley, 2014, 2015), or view one of his videoed presentations such as this one in Sydney. Although trained as a medical practitioner himself, he points out that, apart from specialists, or those who make a concerted effort to keep up with the latest science, many doctors are not well informed about nutrition or weight loss. Mosley, a former sugar-addict, is one MD who has kept abreast of the latest research.


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