An ethical decision or a dumb one?

Linked to this post is a little six-page book, Amy and the green tree frog, which can be read to a child of around two to three years of age. May it give you and others much pleasure.

Two days ago I had hit on the idea of selling it for US$0.99. This was organised through a payment system I had set up on a page called The Ralapiny series, but that page was taken down by me this morning. All money received, I had declared, would be paid into a trust account for my two grandchildren (Amy Jaya and Liora Rose).

Perhaps it was the awkward mix that had bothered me: freely sharing ideas on one part of the site, while introducing a whiff of commerce on the other. Or perhaps it was the sluggish customer demand: during the two-day sale, just one book had been purchased,  by my wife. Either way, and for whatever reason, my short career as a blogmeister bookseller has now come to an end.




2 thoughts on “An ethical decision or a dumb one?

  1. Love it!
    Also enjoyed reading the publishing details (!)
    I have similar, although unpublished, e-book titled, “What does Ellery like”? Am happy to forward it to you.


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