Writing table at the studio in Verrierdale

Writing table at the studio in Verrierdale

A snippet is just a crumb, a fleck, a granule or a mote of something: in this case it could be a wee tale from the past , a ha’penny of advocacy, a pinch of observation, a scrap of humour, a nugget  of wisdom, a particle of commonsense, a patch of poetry, or a shard of light. The modest splinters and flakes of knowledge found here don’t bear comparison with the scads of stuff heaped in abundance elsewhere on the internet. Each morsel here has been carefully contrived.  Just as the culinary arts now include the practice of ‘slow cooking’, this site welcomes mindful observation of detail and unhurried conversation.

This site was almost named ‘workouts’. Although, as the image below suggests, this name could have suggested a wide range of meanings, I thought it might be a distraction to those who only had in mind the calisthenic one.
Working out


5 thoughts on “Home

  1. I thought it was a creative way to critically reflect and to share ideas in an aesthetically pleasing, unhurried yet also very intellectual mode. The image of the view from the writing table in the Verrierdale studio is a magnificent one. It sets the scene (i.e. unhurried conversation). Do you think that your poetry and Laurence’s recent Matrix presentation are both examples of fictocriticism ? Michael Taussig promotes it for qualitative inquiries associated with anthropology research and also for projects connected with his higher ed research teaching at a uni in Switzerland.
    —> Bio for Michael Taussig….http://www.egs.edu/faculty/michael-taussig/biography/
    I think Taussig’s rationale for using more creativity in presenting complex ideas -especially research findings, seems spot on . I look forward to your next creative post 🙂


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